Quick Guide to La Roasteria Coffee

La Roasteria is Iloilo City's first Specialty Coffee Roaster

Most Filipinos grew up drinking Nescafe not realizing that the Philippines produces some of the very best coffee in the world. From post WWII up until the turn of the millenium, instant coffee represented the first wave of coffee products and we all thought this is how coffee tasted like.

In the mid '90s Manila saw the second wave of coffee with the first Starbucks coffeeshop and, eventually, the chain made its way to other provinces. Starbucks mentions "general" coffee origin, e.g. Sumatra, but then roasts too dark resulting in bitter tasting coffee that's best masked with sugary additives. Come to think of it a Caramel Macchiato is really what they would prefer to sell their customers over a straightforward brew!

La Roasteria and other artisanal coffee roasters worldwide represent the third wave of coffee.

First, we use "Specialty Grade" arabicas -- and the Philippines produces plenty of these.

Next, we roast coffees relatively lightly, in small batches, to highlight origin flavors -- but also expect you to brew coffee properly! This means, you have to grind the coffee before brewing, then make sure you control temperature so as not to burn the grinds whether using a pourover, french press, siphon or other method. 

Then, we specify a "roast date" in our coffee bags, simply because roasted coffee goes stale. We recommend brewing your coffee within 2 weeks to a maximum of one month after roasting.

Finally, we specify the exact origin of our coffee beans so you can take pride in tasting the best possible flavor profile a particular region has to offer!

Come visit us at Fundidor, Molo if you'd like to learn more or like us in Facebook.

Madamo gid nga Salamat!