The Best Cakes in Iloilo at Maridel's

Arguably, the best cakeshop in town and surely among the best in the country, Maridel's at the Plazuela de Iloilo is a watering hole for longtime fans. Award-winning owner/chef Maridel Uygongco is an industry veteran and this venue is her signature store.

Since a lot of us Ilonggos have that craving for something matam-is, Maridel's selection of cakes, desserts and breads are perfect for the family after visiting the mall or the barkada on a night out. Pictured above is one of those desserts unique to Maridel's-- an ice-cream turtle pie. These cakes are so memorable, I remember one I had from when they were in Amigo Terrace over twenty years ago! (I think it was a chocolate/walnut cake... and I haven't had a better cake since!)

If you get a chance to dine at Maridel's, also check out our product -- La Roasteria coffee -- which they serve. We believe our coffee and Maridel's desserts make a perfect combination.