Fuel.ph - driving social change through youthful passion

It takes a lot of collective will to affect social change. Or put more colloquially, it takes a lot of cojones to think you can change the world. Well, Fuel.ph, anchored in Smallville Complex in Iloilo's Diversion Road, believes it has an uncontestable formula-- it all starts with passion.

And we agree! There are vast creative forces that remain unlocked in our youth and Fuel.ph attempts to bring their guidance and organizational skills to help unleash the talents of the next generation. Whether it's through music or the visual and dramatic arts, Fuel.ph is a hub where budding talents can incubate and grow.

Facing our daily realities, we could imagine how there are hardly any noble pursuits left in a world driven by unbounded materialism, yep indeed. However, Fuel.ph is one such exception.

Not to mention these guys are cool!

Fueling the passion of the next generation @ Fuel.ph!