• Specialty Coffee Roaster

    Our Vision is to elevate Philippine Arabica as a Specialty Coffee

    Hotels & Resorts.

    We currently supply hotels and resorts in Iloilo City with freshly roasted coffee at localized prices and quality second to none.

    Coffee shops.

    Whether you're operating a family coffeeshop or a large commercial chain, we can help address your specialty coffee needs.

    Custom Packaging.

    We offer custom packaging based on your design and work with suppliers like Sucat Packaging to help bring your brand to market.

    Contact Us

  • Coffee Catering Demos

    The best way to learn about Specialty Coffee is to taste it


    We start by introducing you to different types of Philippine coffee and why we exclusively use highgrown Arabica.


    We go through various pourover and extraction methods to show how our coffee should be prepared.


    While we can cup, we're not cupping snobs and encourage you to learn and appreciate specialty coffee at your own pace.

    Arrange for a Demo

  • La Roasteria Coffee Products

    We source greens and develop roast profiles to suit your needs

    Philippine Arabica.

    Our primary focus is working with Philippine Arabica growers in general and Hineleban Coffee in particular.


    We can also source imported greens if this is your commercial preference.

    Custom Blends.

    Whether for espresso or brewed coffee, we can also develop custom blends.

    Ask for a Sample

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2017 New Single Origin from Mt. Apo, BACOFA
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© 2013 Photography by David L. Clark "The World We Knew As Children" by Hammock Filmed at the Ace Hotel in Portland, OR Room 414 Stumptown Kenya Gaturiri used for this brew process, obtained at The Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Annex in Portland, OR Stumptown mugs used, because we forgot to bring our own, and they were downstairs from our room. An AeroPress Brew Guide 15g : 176mL Water at 198º Grind Setting 5 clicks left from finest on Hario Mini Bloom 1m Yield ...
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