The Best Cakes in Iloilo at Maridel's

Arguably, the best cakeshop in town and surely among the best in the country, Maridel's at the Plazuela de Iloilo is a watering hole for longtime fans. Award-winning owner/chef Maridel Uygongco is an industry veteran and this venue is her signature store.

Read more... - driving social change through youthful passion

It takes a lot of collective will to affect social change. Or put more colloquially, it takes a lot of cojones to think you can change the world. Well,, anchored in Smallville Complex in Iloilo's Diversion Road, believes it has an uncontestable formula-- it all starts with passion.


My Road to Specialty Coffee

A few years ago, I never thought I'd return to the coffee business. It's been over a decade since I ran my own coffeeshop and I remember all the challenges very vividly.